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Three Keys to Abundance

A reflective planning tool to help you claim what you desire, take action, and start attracting the abundant life you were meant to have.

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Dare to Dream & Embrace the Possibilities

Felisha Kay is Founder and CEO of The LLC Suite™ an empowerment community for women, where Luxury, Love and Confidence is the Next Level Up!

She is an Award-Winning Life and Relationship Strategist, also known as The Luxury Love Diva™. Felisha is Author of No Apologies. A Guide for Grown Women: Attract the Life and Love of your Dreams with Confidence. She is no stranger to building impactful communities online. In 1996, Felisha founded one of the first online empowerment communities: Healing Club, an online support community for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

This community has served millions globally. In recognition for her important work, Felisha is a Women of Excellence Award recipient, and has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by NAFE (National Association of Female Entrepreneurs).


As we grow our businesses, level up, attract abundance, manifest ideal partners in life and in love, let’s not forget about what makes us women.

One thing I have always valued is my femininity.

Whether I was in a relationship or not, I always enjoy being feminine. For me, it’s a major component of who I am on the inside and the outside. As women, we do not need to put on lingerie or even wear makeup to be feminine.

Femininity is a state of being. Lean into it in a way that feels right for you. Tap in. 

The Luxury of Femininity

Luxury, Love, &

Is the next level up