Hello there, I'm Felisha Kay

I am an elite life and relationship strategist with a passion for helping men and women level-up and claim the life they desire and deserve. 

For two decades I have built communities to develop self-esteem and encourage women who have gone through obstacles in life so they can heal, rebuild, and live the lives they were meant to live – lives filled with luxury, love, and confidence.

I believe every person can reach their full potential, and I’m here to help you do just that.


Life & Relationship Strategist/Consultant

“Dare to Dream and Embrace the Possibilities” - Felisha Kay

Felisha Kay is Founder and CEO of The LLC Suite™ an empowerment community for women, where Luxury, Love and Confidence is the Next Level Up!

She is an Award-Winning Life and Relationship Strategist, also known as The Luxury Love Diva™. Felisha is Author of No Apologies. A Guide for Grown Women: Attract the Life and Love of your Dreams with Confidence. She is no stranger to building impactful communities online. In 1996, Felisha founded one of the first online empowerment communities: Healing Club, an online support community for victims and survivors of domestic violence. This community has served millions globally. In recognition for her important work, Felisha is a Women of Excellence Award recipient, and has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by NAFE (National Association of Female Entrepreneurs).

Felisha Kay is an award-winning entrepreneur, Cosmetic Scientist, and Internationally trained perfumer, turned Life and Relationship Strategist. She has always had an entrepreneur spirit, creating her first successful business at 19 years old. However, her life has not always been roses. She had her child at 16 and was a domestic violence survivor. She knows all to well what it is like to feel unloved and undervalued. Through Having a child at 16, Domestic Violence Survivor, Felisha’s abuser, who is the father of her child, is serving life in prison, Being Homeless, Divorced after 17 years of marriages, and brain surgery.

She created her first successful business at 19 years old. Attracted mentors from all walks of life. Her first mentor was a billionaire working in the gaming industry. She knows all too well what if is like to feel unloved, not valued, lack of confidence and to have low self-esteem. Therefore, it’s important for her to be an inspiration to women and help them attract the life and love they desire and deserve with confidence.

From an early age, she knew that if mentors (those who could teach her what she needed to learn) were not directly in front of me, it was her responsibility to seek them out. With this mindset, she has been successful in attracting relationships that enhances her growth.

Now, she is a Life and Relationship Strategist who uses her expertise and influence to help women attract the life and love they deserve with confidence. She is CEO and Founder of The LLC Suite™ an empowerment community for professional women, where Luxury Love and Confidence is the Next Level Up. 

Felisha is a certified matchmaker and CEO of Luxury Love Agency™, a high-end matchmaking firm for affluent clients seeking healthy relationships with professional women of color. “We help Kings find their Queens.” Etiquette and Confidence have played integral roles in Felisha’s life. She is the founder Divaquette: Diva Etiquette Lifestyle® where etiquette is the entry to living a fabulous lifestyle.

Award Winning Entrepreneur & Cosmetic Scientist Turned Relationship Strategist

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